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Ambivalent About Divorce?

Updated: Jun 19

I reconnected with a friend from college and she told me she’s a divorce therapist, then she said, “I’m a discernment counselor, have you ever heard of that?”  I had to google it. Discernment counseling is not couples therapy.  It involves individual sessions and carefully structured couple sessions and is narrowly focused on making one of three decisions:  Stay married, Divorce, or Commit to a six month path toward well-defined goals. I would call it accountability for hire. As an attorney, many couples come to me who’ve been “on the fence” for a long, long time about divorce.  The decision to end a marriage, like many deeply personal decisions, gets ignored in favor of things with hard deadlines, albeit far more trivial.  It is an ingenious, and truly needed service. Read more here:  

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